The executive of the APRC UK Branch arrived in The Gambia on the early afternoon of Friday 18th December. The Chairman and the Vice Chairlady, Ebrima Manneh and Aja Sally Saidy Mass joined our PRO Ansu Jarjue and one of the Council of Elders, Amadou Jarjue already in The Gambia. Upon arrival they were met by party personnels and shortly after caught up with the Presidential entourage in Basse.
The U.K. Branch has prepared campaign materials; T-shirts, caps and 4000 flyers of the APRC presidential candidate Babili Mansa Gindibally. Our members have worked hard in conjunction with brother and sister APRC militants within the Diaspora to inform, communicate and educate not only our fellow Gambians within the diaspora but also significantly, global bodies regarding the continued peace and stability that exists within The Gambia and the unprecedented developmental strides nurtured by the governing party under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, President of the Islamic Republic and Party leader. We endeavour through our co-ordinated efforts to counter mis-information being branded by opposition in the UK and elsewhere in the diaspora through the positive use of social media, online radio, face to face meetings and discussion forums and also use these tools to promote the accomplishments of our governing party. These outlets have assisted in establishing a positive image of the various branches that exist in the UK and the rest of the diaspora and provide a vital link for members. It not only enables them to be kept informed with up to date information about the political scene back home in the motherland, but also empowers them to be active as members by giving them a voice and an opportunity to be involved with activities to promote their party.
I believe that strength is unity and unity is strength.
I therefore do not understand why the so called ‘Struggle’ are trying to instigate division amongst our people, particularly Christians and Muslims, because elections come and go but our relationships as brothers and sisters remain. The bond between Gambian Muslims and Christians will remain just as strong as we are bound by blood and relationships and not by religion. Gambia is unique in that it is probably the only country in the world where Christian and Muslims live side by side, inter-marry and celebrate each other’s feasts with love and unison. No political ideals or beliefs can change the love and care we share in this chain of humanity.
The Gambia will continue to nurture the peace, tranquility and stability that has existed until now. The majority will continue to believe and nurture the culture of democracy and plural partisan choice of government through elections.
It will be a big mistake and of detriment to our records in history if we drive our country into chaos, pandemonium and lawlessness just in a drive for one to become president or change the one there is any way. War or violence in any form is unacceptable in any civilised society especially in ours, where we are striving to move with the modern scientific and technological advancements. So then unrest or social disorder is not the answer.
Fellow Gambians, especially those in the motherland let us look at what is happening in other parts of the world. There are lessons to learn from to lead our country to a safe destination. Look at Libya or Syria and what happened in Iraq, Egypt and all those countries who were calling for uprisings. What have they gained apart from unrest, disorder and lawlessness. I still want us to reflect on the past and look at the present to be able to determine the future.
Let’s not instigate Gambians to come out in the streets in this so called struggle, to destabilise the peace and tranquility of the country. It is a shame for you people who have previously worked in the APRC government and those who have self-imposed exile for you to be hell bent on mis-informing the masses.
Fellow Gambians, election year is very exciting and this is when the population go to the polls to elect somebody who is going to be custodian of the constitution and commander in chief of the armed forces. The elected person becomes chief executive in executing the laws, appointing of key positions, Chief of State and Chief Diplomat, amongst many roles and responsibilities. Therefore it is very important that we reflect and take stock of where we have come from and where we are today. In order to enable the person to be elected to administer their duties and responsibilities we must vote in the right person for the job.
Reflecting on the last four terms under the visionary leadership of President Jammeh we have witnessed a lot of change and improvements to the socio-economic development in The Gambia. Do I need to remind the Gambians of the strides taken by the Jammeh regime in the areas of education, health, infrastructure and economic independence.
It is widely or frequently said that everyone has the freedom of speech, movement, association and so on and so forth, once what you have said does not infringe upon the right of the other. As well we can speak, but when we speak we must know what to say or otherwise accept the consequences for what we have said.
I therefore sympathise with the person who makes the wrong speech or declaration at the wrong time and at the wrong place to the wrong people.
Recently there has been a somewhat misguided and delusional man by the name of Sedia Bayo who is declaring that he is going to overthrow the government in the next fifteen days. He has made such claims however before, even stating time and date, but it has never amounted to anything. He has appeared on You-tube asserting these claims again, still threatening the peace and stability of The Gambia. I just want to tell Sedia Bayo that he is a coward and a lunatic. He needs a consultant to know and understand his mental state.
For whatever reason however, he doesn’t seem to know and appreciate that The Gambia has and continues to enjoy political pluralism, multi-party system before and after independence and these political norms and values have been nurtured hence why we have about nine registered political parties tracing the length and breadth of the country conducting themselves in a peaceful manner. There is no political party calling for or advocating violence in pursuance of government change or seeking to do this by force, therefore we call upon Sedia to come and join or create a new political party to express his views and opinions in the same vein as GDC, NCP, PDOIS, GMC, NRP, PPP, UDP and APRC do.
Sedia, be rest assured that all Gambians, regardless of their political affiliation will not tolerate violence and instability in the Smiling Coast of Africa.
The Gambian people have come a long way and try to nurture the values of democracy, rule of law and respect for the dignity of our people.
On that note, I join the majority of Gambian to call on registered voters to vote for Jammeh.
Voting Jammeh is a vote for:

Authored by Foday Chorr (ORG)
Secretary General APRC UK Branch