Donald Trump given his first dose!

Poor Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate has blamed the microphone and moderator in the first Presidential debate in which the Democratic flag bearer, Hillary Clinton emerged as the winner. Mr.Trump who went home with an empty shopping cart, suffered several attacks from his opponent, Hillary Clinton who was well prepared for the debate. Mr. Trump, the business tycoon and celebrity appeared totally out of touch and only had his glass of water to use as a shield.
Mrs. Clinton who spent almost all her career in the white house, is not only more current and connected to the events taking place in their back yard but the rest of the world. Mrs. Clinton fiercely attacked Trump on his poor immigration and foreign policies and tied him to several racist incidents including law suits. Mrs. Clinton later gave him the last slap when she accused the republican front runner of never paying for his federal income taxes. Trump who carelessly confessed to this serious accusation, added that, he did it because “I am smart”.
CNN opinion polls taken after the debate shows that Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner of Monday night’s debate by 62% of voters who tuned in to watch, as opposed to 27% for Trump.
Recent USC/LA polls also showed that Hillary Clinton has 71% of black votes while Trump pulls 19%. Recent fox news latino polls also shows that Mrs. Clinton is enjoying a 66% lead out of the 27 million Latino voters while crawling Donald Trump is trailing behind with 20%. Mr. Trump is also expected to score less than 1% from African voters because of his poor immigration policies.
The next debate is scheduled for October 9th, 2016.

Batch Jallow
Atlanta, USA!