Freedom Newspaper visitors May have had Their Information Exposed to Online Criminals


BOMSHELL!: If you have been a frequent visitor of the Gambia’s most notorious Newspaper, the Freedom Radio in the past three years, your personal information may have been exposed to hackers and other online criminals surfing the internet to prey on innocent people who do not have proper protection on their accounts.
Our electronic devices are such a big part of our lives today that it’s hard to imagine what we once did without them. But our constant use of technology to search for information has a downside. Our data can be exposed to criminals who commit crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud, unless we take the proper precautions. Never use your account information, physical address or phone numbers in the online forums that accept money. Our growing reliance on electronics for information is part of the reason why criminal activities in the online Media is growing at a faster pace. Jobs in information security, web development and computer network architecture are expected to grow 22% between 2010 and 2020 because of the vulnerability of people visiting these forums.
understanding these threats, can help everyone to do their part to make sure that their information is not compromised in such websites.
Michael Herman, is an ex-USA cyber security expert with a thirty- five years experience who believes that many criminals have gotten away with some personal information like phone numbers, credit cards and addresses from the unprotected website of the Freedom Newspaper.
According to Mr. Herman, most of those who have visited the Freedom website between 2012 and 2016, should have a back ground check and credit report done to make sure that they are not among the thousands of people whose information slipped into the files of scammers. Asked why he singled out the Freedom Newspaper alone, Mr. Michael stressed that websites like the Gambiaoneradio who do not lobby for financial support from ghost subscribers, are not attractive to these scammers or criminals.
According to confirmed sources, the Freedom Owner, Pa Nderry Mbai has been using a free version of the “Norton antivirus” which does not provide a total security to accounts of his online subscribers or visitors. Many people who do not want to spend too much money to protect their devices, will just download the free thirty (30) day trial after which, they will download another free trial from another provider and that is exactly what Pa Nderry was doing for the last three years or more.
Asked about the Fatou Network, the cyber expert said that he is not sure if the network is operating on the same cheap internet security level but their visitors may also have fallen on the same trap if they operate on the same cheap internet protection. “Hundreds of criminals visit the Freedom Newspaper everyday” He added, while nodding his head. The cyber security expert warned that unless people who have visited these website have proven their records straight, they should desist from them.

Author: Batch Jalow
Atlanta, USA!