“GAMBAINS ARE A BIT IMPATIENT!” President Barrow told Umaru Fofana of BBC.


In an exclusive interview aired on BBC, The Gambian President His Excellency, Mr. Adama Barrow has revealed that the electricity crisis in the country will at least last for six months before it is stabilized and two years before they have the final solution. Challenged on his government’s lack of progress, Mr. Barrow wasted no time blaming everything on the two previous governments, adding that, the electricity supply in the country “has been like that for the past twenty, thirty years”. According to President Barrow, they have started making some reforms including making changes in the hierarchy of the military and in the civil service. He has also stated that, his government has already signed some contracts and a lot of Investors are already knocking at his door. “After one hundred (100) days in power, we were able to establish our full cabinet. We have one cabinet sitting. we have started our reforms. We have even signed some contracts when it comes to electricity” President Barrow added! He revealed that, a truth and reconciliation Commission has been set up to enable them understand which cases are not be prosecuted or reconciled. Asked about the ‘BACK WAY ISSUE”, Mr. Barrow intentionally dived the question by saying that “I have a strong team and I have confidence in my team that we can turn the corner”, a grammatical expression of which I found questionable. The Gambian President called the situation he is encountering with Gambians as a matter of “impatient” Mr. Barrow concluded by saying that he hasn’t spoken to Ex-President Jammeh since he left the country.
When contacted, Gambian political analyst, Mot-Talla Touray, said, Mr. Barrow’s failure can only be attributed to lack of urgency, speed,experience and preparation. He asserted that there is no sense of direction in Mr. Barrow’s government. Mr. Touray sighted the recent incident in Kanilai between president Jammeh’s loyal forces and the Ecomig forces as an urgent matter that needs to be resolved peacefully by the current government.
President Barrow still has not set up his cabinet neither has he appointed a Vice president, contrary to what he told the BBC reporter.
Recently, our eavesdropper in the Gambia has overheard hundreds of people in Markets and Car Parks complaining about the new government and expressing their guilt in betraying the former President.

Author: Batch Jallow