Under normal circumstances I would have simply ignored the latest infantile scare tactic applied by our desperate colleagues in the diaspora with their recently posted three-minute long video online threatening in the local Wolof language to use military force in the coming days to oust the APRC government. In the video circulating online, the faceless speaker warns the urban residents within the capital city of Banjul and its environment to stockpile foodstuff and other basic essentials in anticipation of their imminent military assault on the nation. That their plans are to finish the job started by the late Njagga Jagne, Lamin Sanneh and those ill-fated mercenaries killed in their attempt to overthrow the APRC government on December 30, 2014. They referred to them as the “heroes” whose “gallant attempt to change the regime will be finished by them soon”.
However, a meticulous scrutiny of the moron’s plan and speech in the tape merely exposes the voice of another low IQ cyber warrior reminiscent of those suicidal mercenaries he called their “heroes”. It was indeed moronic of the speaker trying to seduce members of the Gambian security forces, including the armed, police and immigration detachments to believe that they do not have any issues with them but with President Jammeh alone, forgetting that throughout their campaign they have always sworn to disband all security forces after “removing President Jammeh from office”. Isn’t that an indication of buffoons suffering from what is best described as Longtime Memory Deficiency Syndrome (LMDS)?
Anyway the reason I chose to discuss rather than merely dismiss the video is its existence under the radar of the international community especially to our global human and civil rights advocates often quick in condemning the APRC government when these menaces are captured or punished for their crimes.
The international community has indeed always missed the activities of such dangerous agitators online, using their internet radios for their reckless and malicious messages transmitted in the local languages to ferment troubles that sooner or later catches up with them.
When they were planning the attack in December 2014 and the UDP sponsored uprising in April 2016 in messages coded in the Wolof and Mandinka languages, summoning the Gambian population to kill their president, kill his family members, send him to exile or to jail, burn down the public and private properties in the country or overthrow his government, all from their comfort zones in the USA and Europe, the international community for all I know knew nothing about the serious damage these people were agitating for in the Gambia.
And that is nothing compared to their lies, filth and demagogy incessantly spewed against public and private officials in the country together with their families whose only crimes are the fulfilled lives they live in the country that they want the world to believe is a failed state where everybody is grieving, suffering or unhappy.
In the name of journalism or political activism, they have unscrupulously placed phone calls to unsuspecting private and public officials in the country pretending to be who they are not and leading them into dialogues into their private lives and about confidential matters while secretly recording them and later sharing the tapes on social media without the consent of the person. As a result, they have destroyed families, caused government officials to lose their jobs, husbands, wives and friends breaking apart and in some cases people being too embarrassed and fleeing the country.
These leeches are not only existential threats to the national security of the Gambia, but factoring their extreme activities of scheming armed attacks that have killed, maimed and terrorized Gambians, it’s fair to profile them as everyday terrorists.
Yet when President Jammeh stands his ground and defends himself, his government, his people and his country, the international community, mostly composed of lobbied-white-racist bullies and their “Uncle Tom” puppets and surrogates, treat him as if all troubles originate from him or his over zealousness.
To sound the alarm sooner this time I therefore consider it necessary for the whole world to know that the very troublemakers who for the past years have been hell bent in sabotaging the December 2016 presidential elections and want to overthrow the APRC government are at their disturbances again with the production of a new tape online threatening to attack the country soon.
Although like I said, I could have simply stopped at dismissing the seriousness of the video forwarded to me by a concerned Gambian after letting him recognize that military operations intended for success are never announced in advance, unless the planners happen to be the universal low-IQ ones showing up in the Gambia lately. That announcing such type of military operations in advance is as a joke as a would-be-suicidal person would appear in bidding farewell to family and friends on an intent to kill him or herself soon.
In any kind of military operation, the element of surprise is considered the most crucial for victory. Low IQ military adventurists will not understand that and will always be victims of their own stupidity.
Nevertheless, I cannot but add that despite the video being nothing but hoax, I still have this nagging inclination that they are still illicitly wiring cash to some of their devotees with encouragement to start another trouble in the country. As recently as last week “Vice President” or Convict Banka Manneh was on the air swearing about their new plan they have to sponsor another demonstration across the country aimed at disrupting the December elections or rendering the nation ungovernable.
Anyway, for those wondering how I really know that these clowns are behind the video, the compelling facts are pretty conspicuous: we all by now know that any plan, activity or initiative for political change in the Gambia by an unknown group, that does not involve or has the blessing of the diaspora cartels is viciously denounced and condemned because of their egocentric fear of losing the leadership positions to strangers when “President Jammeh is finally removed from office”; so remaining silent about the broadly-shared video, obviously confirms their endorsement or direct involvement in its production. They know that attacking the Gambia militarily or testing the resilience of the formidable police force by illegally organizing demonstrations is no longer an option unless their misguided ambitions trigger their suicidal instincts again; yet still if the tape could stir some fear back home, however minimal the impact or blow some oxygen of hope in their dying campaign, it will, to them, worth the circulation.
If the “Gambian Sniper” was not in trouble with the American law I would have sworn that he was the retard behind the video. But it’s just been brought to my attention that the choreographer lives in Sweden but is part of the same mix in the diaspora.
Invariably, those following the latest developments on the story of the so-called Gambian sniper on social media who for years before the doomed December 2014 attack in the Gambia portrayed himself as an accomplished military sharpshooter who could and would soon singlehandedly lead an expedition to defeat the Gambia’s armed and security forces and remove the APRC from power, now know that the guy was not after all who he has been claiming to be. Alhagie Boye had so much perfected the art of deception that it somehow earned him an executive position in “President Cherno Njie’s and “Vice President” Banka Manneh’s government that was supposed to succeed the APRC government on December 31st 2014 after their successful overthrow of the Jammeh government.
The elusive prankster had soon after the failure of the attack two years ago disappeared until last week when the American FBI in their ongoing investigation to arrest and jail the culprits, grabbed the “sniper” in North Carolina doing what he has always been doing best since his arrival in America from the Gambia, i.e., driving taxi under the guise of a military virtuoso. The conman/terrorist was so compelling about his military prowess that for sometimes he enjoyed a good number of delusional followers on Facebook persuaded of his ability to overthrow the APRC government in the Gambia.
No one among his fans including perhaps his recruiter or employer “President” Cherno Njie realized that instead of being a military sniper with lazar precision skills attributed to real snipers, the man’s only sniping skills was his aptitude to target the busiest streets in Raleigh, North Carolina for passenger pickups in the taxi business.
In fact, people close to him have confirmed that other than being used as a US citizen to facilitate the purchase of some of the firearms used in that attack, Alhagie the “sniper” cannot even differentiate a gun’s firing pin from its safety catch. In short, he has never been a soldier, never own a gun and indeed can’t shoot or even understand what a real sniper is.
Yet these were the clowns Gambians were supposed to accept and trust as members of their new government on December 31, 2015 if their plans had gone through. The APRC would have been overthrown, Cherno Njie declared president, Banka Manneh vice president and in addition to the other cabinet positions distributed to the other crusaders, Alhagie Boye, “the Gambian Sniper” gets appointed minister of defense. What a fantasy!
But considering his elusiveness and deception, in somebody who acts without conscience, I could still attest that he is connected to producer of the latest video threatening to attack the Gambia. The conman is capable of anything.
Notwithstanding, going twenty months back, on December 31 2014, New Year’s Eve, members of the armed and security forces of the Gambia with all their brilliant officers, commanders and other ranks would have been expected to blindly shift their loyalties to the new government from abroad and never question their competence, experience or in the case of Alhagie Boye how taxi driving in the USA and carrying the fake title of “Gambian sniper” qualified him for a defense ministerial position in the Gambia. Trust me our soldiers and police officers are far smarter to fall for such underachievers.
But again, let us not forget that these were the very people who spearheaded the April 14 so-called peaceful demonstration by the UDP troublemakers aimed at changing the government by force after their failure to do so in the December 30, 2014, armed attack. “Vice President”, or best still, Convict Banka Manneh whom I understand will soon be going to serve his prison sentence in the USA for his role in the attack has throughout been online calling for the overthrow of the APRC government even after their failures in the first and second attempts.
But as the Wolof maxim goes; “wishes are like houses where the owners spend their night”. This Banka guy had always wished the APRC government to fail and President Jammeh removed out of power and jailed or killed before the December 2016 election. Which in his final desperate campaign to see that happen he started advocating for a third-sponsored political uprising before December, which will after all be finding him in a US penitentiary serving his six-months imprisonment.
It is however evident that there are many more of these lawbreakers in hiding or on the run, but will eventually be tracked down by the FBI; but if the US government wants to be considered serious and fair on their position that the Gambia government is friendly to that of America’s, they would either pursue these people more aggressively, giving them the maximum punishments they deserve or most importantly shut down their radio stations used constantly to incite violence in the Gambia. Through these radios they have raised funds, sponsored and incited violence in which people have been killed in the Gambia, in the same manner they have incited illegal demonstrations resulting to people being jailed. What other evidence does the US need to treat these criminals for who they are?
The Gambia government for all I can say will not fold its arms and allow any troublemaker sponsored or incited from abroad to destabilize the country in the name of exercising their rights to illegally organize political demonstrations, be they termed peaceful or not.
Just let us not forget that the bloody civil war in Syria started as an “ordinary peaceful demonstration”, though illegally organized. Tunisia’s government was brought down by illegally organized “peaceful demonstrators”; likewise, several governments in Africa and beyond. Gambians cannot afford to risk taking that route when they have no cause to do so and will do everything within their means to retain the government they voted into power and love dearly. We call this beautiful nation the SMILING COAST” in the Sub-Region and nothing or nobody can change that reality.
Long live the Islamic Republic of the Gambia!
Long live the Gambian nation and its people”
Long live His Excellency, Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babilli Mansa, President and Commander-In-Chief!

Samsudeen Sarr
New York City