There is a saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right” but if Gambians make another mistake by letting the coalition government controls the house of representative, they may have to stick with the pain for a little while because the game will be over!
A times, I begin to think that Gambians are crying too soon because they haven’t seen anything yet. There’s also an adage that “a new broom sweeps well” but people are beginning to believe that this new broom is even dirtier than than the dirt it is sweeping. Gambians are beginning to realize that His Excellency, Ex-President Jammeh was the right person for the Gambia.
Two months into His Excellency President Barrow’s government, everything in the Gambia is at a standstill and not even a single foundation stone has been laid since the departure of President Jammeh. So, what did Gambians gain from voting against someone who promised to inaugurate a project every three months and voted for someone who doesn’t have anything in his shopping basket? What exactly Mr Barrow is doing in that hotel, we still don’t know but the cost being incurred is beyond imagination. It is time for Gambians to ask the Barrow government about the fate of all the projects that Mr. Jammehs had started.
With the currency exchange rate skyrocketing and prices for basic commodities such as rice and oil increasing day after day, Gambians are still able to jump from the sinking ship before more damages are done. People who were the first to claim victory are now the ones crying behind closed doors. “Better late than never” Gambians still have a great chance of recovering what is already lost if they put their collective interest before their individual interests.
The clock is ticking and Gambians are blessed with a second chance to overcome their fear and get back on track before it is too late!
In a recent comment made by Lord Mayor Alh. Yankuba Colley, Colley challenged Gambians to come out of their comfort zones and make a difference by voting for the APRC. There’s no magic or short that can free people from the mess but themselves.
Come and vote for APRC or your vote, which is your voice, is wasted and wasted for the wrong reasons.

Batch Jallow.