Mama Kandeh Grilled on Gambia One Radio!


It is said that ” The proof of the pudding is in the eating” but the proof of Mama Kandeh’s leadership skills is his inability to answer simple questions directly affecting the Gambian people.
The Gambia United Democratic Congress (GDC) leader, Mr. Mama Kandeh was the guest on Basamba Njol’s show Last Wednesday during which the former APRC Parliamentarian was given the platform to sell his agenda to the audience of the Gambia’s must trusted online Radio.
After a long period of time struggling to put the pieces of his party’s agenda together, the panelists which consisted of mainly APRC supporters started questioning him on his policies.
Mr. Kandeh who appeared to be very weak and clueless about the current political trend in the Gambia must have failed to do his home work prior to his coming to face the most vocal APRC Militants in the world.
Asked, what was his reason for leaving the APRC Party and formed his own, Mr. Kandeh claimed that he was fired from the party for no just reasons-a claim the audience found bogus and outrageous. One of the panelists revealed that Mr. Kandeh departed the APRC party after the people of his constituency deemed it necessary to nominate another candidate instead of him.
When asked about his relationship with the Senegalese authorities and the promises he made to hand over our security to Senegal, Mr. Kandeh denied having anything to do with the Senegalese government. Mr. Kandeh also refused to answer questions pertaining to whether he would allow homosexuals in the Gambia if he becomes the president? In his response, Mr. Kandeh said “I don’t like homosexuals and do not want to see them or even talk about them” In the case of the December attackers, Mr. Kandeh also refused to comment on that, saying that “It is an old story that needs to be forgotten”. Mr. Kandeh vowed never to discuss the December terrorist attack in the Gambia with anyone.
This interview left many members of the so called Struggle very angry with Mr. Kandeh, accusing him of being an APRC insider. For them, Mr. Kandeh should have granted them his first and ever interview before going to Gambiaoneradio despite their numerous efforts to have him on their platforms.
Mr. Kandeh is now scheduled to appear on freedom Radio this Sunday in what many analyst believed, is a set up to revenge their anger against the GDC flag bearer.
“The Mama Kandeh I heard on YouTube is totally different from the Mama Kandeh we heard on Gambiaoneradio” One of his supporters said. Many of his supporters accused the Gambiaoneradio team for setting up a trap for their leader.
Mr. Kandeh who is vying for the oval office should have taken the heat and answered all the questions from a presidential point of view instead of making himself looked like a regular civil servant.

Batch Jallow
Atlanta, USA!