The recent attack on the APRC political Bureau in Kanifing was just one of the many cowardly acts crafted by the shameless syndicate of Gambians living abroad.
Based on the evidence we have seen, those responsible for the terroristic act were operating on a very tight budget and were fully aware of the dangers ahead of them. Everything was done in a rush in that they made sure that no trail was left behind.

They have lost the physical battle; but the cyber and the economic war will continue to occupy the minds and hearts of peaceful Gambians.
Thanks to president Jammeh for creating the peaceful environment by putting the lives of Gambian citizens above everything. Through his visionary leadership style, he created “OPERATION BULL DOOZER” to make sure that every Gambian is safe.
Attacks like this will not only make the Gambians see these perpetrators as their number one enemies but they awaken the sleeping giants (our security forces). Now that the red line has been toed, I can assure you that The Gambia will from now on be much safer than ever before.

The security forces, however, cannot be everywhere and at every given time. But as the Wolof would say: ‘Ndimball Nassa fekka Lohoo Borom”. It is therefore the responsibility of all Gambians on the ground to be vigilant, and I mean very vigilant! Those who are doing this evil acts have the false notion that they have something to gain from it; nonetheless, considering their self-centeredness and wild dreams of gaining from their negative activities, the rest of the Gambians who are the majority must also take up the responsibility of disallowing them to prevail.
What they are planning to do, is to kill or displace our families, capture our security Officials and rob our economy worse than they did thirty years ago. It is time for the Gambian youths to rise up and stop this nonsense. This is not about President Jammeh anymore but about your beliefs and entitlements. Never fold your hands and let self-exiled lunatics to come in the middle of the night and burn all your houses on you. The people of Turkey have just learned from how the Gambian people maturely handled their past incidents including the December attack and the April 14th incidents, where people refused to take part in foreign-incited political violence that, hopefully, many other countries will learn from.

In the future, we do not just expect the people to refuse to take part in such troubling activities but that they should volunteer and share whatever kind of information they may gather to protect the country. Remember, that as your civic duty that does not necessarilly turn you into an N.I.A agent. Every good citizen has the responsibility to contribute to the maintenance of peace and security in their own way which doesn’t require any special training as such.
Compound owners, Hotel workers, Real estate agents, Fishermen and commercial drivers in the country must know that there are merciless and harsh punishments waiting for those aiding and abetting criminals just like there are special rewards for reporting them to the authorities. Never fall for such traps! No amount of money or wealth should be enough to push you into deadly situations like that.

Now that they know money cannot buy many Gambian youths, they resort to promising them visas and Green cards. It is all lies and deceptions. Those visas if there are any at all, are temporary; and even those of them who are promising you those papers have been here for over ten years and are not even citizens of their respect countries of residence. In fact, one thing you forget is that, the reward you get when you report or foil a major crime is ten times bigger than any status of citizenship in another country. Reporting a crime is easy. The government has just recently made it easier for everyone to report a suspicious activity without revealing your identity to the public.
All you have to do is to call 511, and tell the authorities what you have seen or heard. If you are in doubt of how the USA and other developed countries do it to protect their citizens, this is exactly part of what they’re doing. Human intelligence is all that a country needs to overcome these kind of crimes. You don’t even have to tell them the whole story because they are experts in their field responsible for connecting the dots from where you left it. What has landed many people in trouble is that, they knew it was about to happen but they chose to ignore the situation.
NOTE: If you know about it and keep quiet about it until something happens or the law enforcement Officers find out that you knew something about it, then you are as well guilty of the crime. So, why wait??

When we protect our country, we are not doing it for president Jammeh or his family, we are doing it for ourselves and our families.
CAUTION: Never take the law into your own hands! Don’t kill, beat or attempt to arrest any suspected criminal. This is the job of the security forces, not ours as civilians. If the security forces feel that there is a need to have more men and women in uniform, they will recruit more officers. Just report and let them handle the situation.
There is a quiz coming up where you will be asked if you know any of the emergency numbers and the winner/winners will be rewarded. So, memorize the numbers now so that you will have it ready when we shoot the question.
Long live The Islamic Republic of The Gambia!
Long live President Jammeh Babilimansa!

Batch Jallow.