Since this paper is exclusively about our fellow-strugglers in the diaspora particularly those vocal Gambians in the USA, lost in their ever-futile quest for relevance by playing doyens on global and Gambian political affairs, I would start by recommending to them an interesting book that has now sold more than 10 million copies in twenty-languages since its publication in 1949. The title of the book is Man’s search for meaning, authored by the late Dr. Viktor Frankl a holocaust survivor who between 1942 and 1945 labored in four different Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz. He eventually turned out to be one of the most respected psychiatrists who came up with the clinical concept of “Logo-therapy” a personal experience demonstrating that man’s perception of emotional and traumatic incidents will considerably change if he chooses to associate new meaning to such emotions and traumas. And that associating new meaning to any emotional or traumatic experience boils down to one’s personal choices. He also believes that everything can be taken from a man except his freedom to choose his own attitude in any given set of circumstances.
Hence, our choices to hate or dislike people or circumstances could be altered into a more loving feeling if we replace the negative meaning associated with them with a positive one. In fact, Dr. Frankl taught that the part in humans that wants to cling to negative feelings is what is the smallest in us, often reflecting our meanness, selfishness, competitiveness, vindictiveness, weakness, guilt and vainness. That is why, he says, out of absolute choice, most people spend their lives regretting the past and fearing the future and therefore deny themselves the capacity to experience the joy of the present.
I think the book could help some of our more-open-minded strugglers in the diaspora to come to terms with the futile and unnecessary tussle they have become prisoners of and free themselves from the expensive price being paid in the form of emotional misery peripheral to medical depression. They may also be able to see the benefits of giving up all this self-inflicted frustration of trying to change the unchangeable political dynamics of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, a choice they could make to determine the kind of future they want, that might indeed heal their pains, instead of staying in the same losing path and forever feeling wounded and frustrated.
Listening to their desperate arguments to influence the political situation in The Gambia from their online radios and social media with crude prescriptions over how the Gambia could be politically, economically and socially emancipated through unconventional measures, one wonders why these genii are not participating in the ongoing discussion representative of the political climate in the USA since the emergence of president-elect Donald J. Trump. It is like nothing politically crucial or interesting is happening in this country that directly or indirectly affects their livelihoods with all the alarm bells of a nation in confusion ringing above their heads and prompting serious debates.
Whereas most scholars all over the country today are expressing their concerns over the potential division of American into far-right groups against far-left groups, after Trump’s victory, which could eventually threaten the peaceful existence of a very diverse nation of over 300million people, our Gambian political “gurus” are here aimlessly making hay out of their negativistic and pessimistic hypothesis about Gambian politics, with the hope that the country, thousands of miles away with a population of less than 2million will disintegrate because they don’t have a role in its governance. That is meanness and selfishness at best.
Indeed, these hopeless folks spending most of their times and resources attempting to undermine the Gambia government and His Excellency President Jammeh in this 2016 election, with their unattainable aspirations for the results to favor the opposition parties and replace the people’s government of the APRC with a puppet regime, further goes to show their vindictiveness in every way one looks at it.
But what would you expect? For the past decade or so they have been assertively peddling the false notion that American democracy was the perfect prototype for emulation by all governments in the world and especially Gambia before societies could be considered progressive and prosperous.
But now that Trump is the new kid in the block with his own definition of what that perfect American government should reflect, our strugglers seem dumbfounded over the mindboggling situation unfolding right before their eyes.
Of course it should be mindboggling when they intensely quarrel about the prospect of electoral fraud in the upcoming Gambian election, thousands of miles away just to turn around and see the America they live in, now questioning the validity and sustainability of the country’s archaic two-century old electoral college voting system legislated since slavery days, that still makes it possible for Hillary Clinton to lose the elections to Donald Trump, even when statistically she won the popular votes by over 1million ballots.
Furthermore our dissidents are here protesting without any evidence the possibility of “foreigners” who cannot be differentiated from average Gambians as being registered to vote for the APRC government when there is a more compelling immigration issue in the prospective appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama as US Attorney General who is so anti-immigrant, that many people are afraid he will sooner rather than later rescind the executive order by Obama to protect Dream children from immediate deportation. These are the young kids who by no fault of theirs were brought to the USA by their “illegal” parents and were raised here and don’t know anywhere else other than America. They think, act and behave like Americans and in some instances, cannot even relate to their original roots. However, President Obama, out of sympathy and consideration believes that they merit the status of conditional residency with the possibility of finding them a path to permanent residency. Thousands of Gambian families have been saved by the Dream Act which Trump promises to overturn soon and deport the kids.
Everyone is afraid that Senator Jeff Sessions will reverse the act, a man who in 1986 was denied confirmation by congress as a nominated federal judge by President Ronald Reagan because of his racist position against black people and immigrants in general. But are our diaspora dissidents showing any concern about these defenseless kids? I don’t think so. Instead they are callously extorting money from their poor parents by urging them to contribute to their hopeless battle to change the APRC government for a greater Gambia that will treat their children better.
Invariably, the identification for appointment of Steve Bannon as strategic adviser of Trump is another serious trepidation among civil and human rights activists in the USA. The Breitbart News boss and a member of the Alt right white organization is notorious for promoting politics of white supremacy and white nationhood who many fear will influence Trump to carry out most of his divisive campaign rhetoric. Yet, our strugglers don’t even seem to care about these toxic issues, much more discussing them in their ever-going political whining against President Jammeh and his policies in the Gambia.
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, possible national security adviser to Trump is seen and heard on tape calling Islam an ideology and not a religion that he says is cancerous and must be destroyed. Indeed, Flynn is credited to have once been an effective intelligence commander in Afghanistan but was a Washington lobbyist after his retirement where he used to lobby for the Turkish government (a Muslim country). Like Trump, he is also very cozy to President Putin and believes that Russia can improve its relationship with Washington. How that is going to be reconciled with President-Elect Trump’s plans to nullify Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, supported by Russia, China and many European nations is enough food for thought.
It is nevertheless amazing that our Gambian pseudo political scientists here, pestering us with theories of how to achieve a better political climate in the world are all mute about the political tectonic plates shifting right under their feet. Well, looks like all their wisdom in politics stops at Denton Bridge.
And last but not the least, we also have Mike Pompeo of Kansa, another anti-Islamic white man earmarked for the position of Donald Trump’s CIA director. In my opinion therefore, Bannon, Sessions and Pompeo in Trump’s administration could change the world in a way never seen before which should captivate the attention of every political critic or scholar concerned about our future.
Another disturbing aspect of the Trump presidency is that, like most of his associates he doesn’t believe that climate change is caused by human activities. He thinks it is a hoax created by the Chinese for their own economic benefits. He promises to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement ratified by 200 UN member countries including all the superpowers. As at this moment everything shows that his government will withdraw from the agreement and throw the entire world in a chaotic predicament, regardless of Obama going around assuring world leaders that America will not withdraw from the agreement.
Also, Trump by all indication will most likely not abide by US laws requiring presidents to liquidate their assets and put it in a blind trust administered by an independent entity while serving in office. US laws also forbids nepotism in the office of the president, but Trump is adamant in putting his son-in-law Jerry Kushner, husband of his daughter Ivanka in a top advisory position in the Whitehouse.
Trump also said he will be handing over his business to his children which is not the kind of blind trust expected anyway. So far it looks like his children and son in law are going to be fully involved in both his government and business affairs. Trump is therefore clearly letting the world and the American people understand that he will be the president of the USA and a full- time businessman running a multibillion-dollar empire.
That’s another subject for our strugglers to brood over. I will be glad to hear their expert opinion on the issue, if they have any at all.
I will anyway conclude by telling them that they have the choice to either continue living another five years in misery or take the progressive route of supporting the APRC government of His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babillimansa on December 2nd 2016 when he will be declared winner of the presidential elections. In doing so, they will be free to enjoy the beauty of the moment he has created for all Gambians wherever they may be living.
President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Ted Cruise, to name a few, had all before the US elections condemned the candidature of Donald Trump and labelled him unfit, untrustworthy and temperamentally ill-prepared to become the president of the USA and the country’s Commander-in-Chief. They have called him all names, from being a liar, phony, crook and every bad adjective imaginable. But now that Trump has been elected out of their remotest expectation, they decided instead of holding on to their failed choices of living in the misery of not letting go, placed a new meaning to their emotions and traumas over Trump’s victory. They are all showing their respect for him and simply asking their followers to give him a chance. It doesn’t mean that they are weak or are acting in betrayal of their beliefs or core values, but that they are just being pragmatic and understand what works better for them and the country. And these folks are true icons of success whose legacy will every remain unforgettable in this country’s political history.
I expect the Diaspora dissidents who are yet to prove to the world their self-worth to take a hard look at themselves after December 2nd, 2016 and make the appropriate choice of giving up their bad choices and adopt the good ones. And that is to support the APRC government and its wonderful leader His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babillimansa.
Long live the Islamic Republic of The Gambia!
Long live the people of The Gambia!
Long live His Excellency Sheikh, Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babillimansa, president and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed and security forces.

Samsudeen Sarr
New York City