When my Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Mamadou Tangara mentioned yesterday, August 1st 2016, that the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN is on a campaign against the government of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia and had engaged the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other Permanent Representatives aimed at demonizing the reputation of our country and the leadership, I thought it was a confidential matter restricted to those who needed to know at the United Nations.
But when I got up this morning and read the shocking specifics on social media on how Mr. Mathew Rycroft was actually devoted to the negative campaign based on unsubstantiated evidences from a letter sent to Tom Brake MP, former deputy leader of the House of commons, by the Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia (CHRG) without any consideration of the possibility of another side to the story, I couldn’t but recall with dismay over his legacy as a Private Secretary in 2002 advising the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair on matters relating to foreign policy, European Union, Northern Ireland and defense. However, considering the critical position of Mr. Rycroft in the process that eventually proved the falsification of the intelligence for the justification of the US-British governments’ policy to invade Iraq and topple the regime of Saddam Hussain in 2003, reflected in the confidential document he issued in 2003 known as the “Downing Street Memo”, a copy of which was published in the Sunday Times on May 1 2005, one would hope that the UN member representatives and Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon will be wary of such dangerous people constantly posing a threat to world peace and security. Indeed, the minutes in that damning memo were according to Mr. Rycroft, meant to be kept confidential and were headed “This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made. It should be shown only to those with a genuine need to know its content”.
The Attorney-General at the time Lord Goldsmith had warned that justifying the invasion on legal grounds would be difficult if not impossible and that there were only three possible legal bases for it: self-defense, humanitarian intervention or United Nations Security Council authorization; the first two options were ruled out as indefensible while the third was difficult to apply, going by UN Security Council Resolution 1205 passed three years earlier. In fact, Saddam Hussain, according to the memo, was not at all a threat to his neighbors; that he was not involved in global terrorism as such and above all, that his Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) capability was far less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran. Obviously, the majority of the UN Security Council at the time supported the continuation of UN weapon inspections and monitoring, instead of war. So the case for Britain going to war in Iraq happened to be fabricated and disseminated right under the nose of Tony Blair’s advisers, both military and civil.
It was also confirmed that well before the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 that legally authorized the invasion, the US and British governments had already prepared their armed forces for the war.
Now that the war that was supposed to disarm Iraq, change the government of Saddam Hussain for a better one to the whole world, expand the “great” Western concept of democracy to the uncivilized Arabs with no more terrorism ever, turned out to be everything but those fantasies.
The world admittedly could not have gone this terribly wrong and still continue to believe in the lies of the architects behind such a monumental disaster. After 13 years of the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent destruction of Libya, with an estimated human death toll of over a million including the permanently maimed, those forced into being refugees and the destitute state of many more, the numbers are still mounting by the hour.
Without doubt the world has never been this unsafe, insecure and divided. And what has this irresponsible adventure translated into in today’s world? Brexit in the United Kingdom in 2016 and a possible President Donald Trump in the USA in 2017.
I hate to sound racist, but the truth of the matter is that the world’s chaotic problem cannot be separated from the horrors of the past and present committed by the Western world, especially by white people in charge of powerful governments or representing them. What they did in Africa and people of African descent for over five centuries, fraught with deception, enslavement, balkanization, colonization, exploitation and of course the total destruction of a whole civilization with impunity is what I believe was their primary objective in the Arab world thirteen years ago. Unfortunately, in just about a decade and a half of turning the Middle East upside down, their recklessness seems to no longer become profitable but instead poses an existential threat to their civilization and that of the world, never anticipated.
Its effects into an explosive migration of humans never seen since World War Two is turning most white westerners xenophobic and breaking the UK apart, while perhaps in few months’ time, America will also under Trump presidency be expelling millions of people out of the country to “make the USA great again”.
His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alahgie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babilli Mansa, president of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia is demanding that the powerful nations atone to these crimes they have been committing against humanity and start repairing the consequential damages currently threatening human civilization in its entirety.
Barely two weeks ago the Gambian leader sponsored an international colloquium in Banjul aimed at introducing a UN resolution for adoption during the 71st General Assembly in September on the negative effects of slavery the slave trade on Africa and peoples of African descent with demands for possible reparation and restitution from the perpetrators.
Could that be the reason why the British, the biggest enslavers and colonizers in Africa are fraudulently gathering any evidence to justify the destabilization of the Gambia? Hearing that Mr. Mathew Rycroft is behind the crusade to hoodwink the UN PRs and Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon to sanction members of the Gambia government also reminds me of how sanctions started the whole mayhem in Iraq before the invasion.
I bet dollar to donut that the UK government or Mr. Rycroft doesn’t know that some members of the (CHRG) were part of the conspirators who in 2014 sponsored a military attack in the Gambia to overthrow the Jammeh government. That the demonstration organized by the opposition party UDP on April 14 & 16 were actually organized and sponsored by dissident groups in the USA and Europe. That the American government had arrested, prosecuted and jailed some of them with many more of them still engaged in inciting violence and recommending the assassination of the Gambian president and the overthrow of his government. That they have vowed to do everything in their powers to ensure that President Jammeh is out of office before the national elections in December that they know he will win again.
To be candid, therefore, I have serious concerns about the intentions of Mr. Mathew Rycroft. For this man to look at all the political and human problems in different countries all over the world and target the Gambia as an exception at the Unite Nations, leaves me wondering whether this is after all not about racism or another lynching mentality of a whiteman. I have lived in New York for close to two decades now and could spot a racist the very moment I see one.
As for that “Uncle Tom” being mentioned in the UK’s endorsement of his statement made on June 10, in his capacity as UN special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, I think Africans of his character are a disgrace and a shame to the black race as a whole. But what do you expect from Africans raised in countries where the most flattering accolade a citizen would like to hear, no matter how sophisticated they are, is to call them “Toubab” meaning a white person? In a paper I published against the allegation he raised in that June 10 statement, I believe I had adequately addressed the weakness of his argument. With the hypocrisy aside he has enough on his plate to advice Secretary General on potential genocide spots elsewhere in the world other than in the peaceful and wonderful Gambia. We know how these “Uncle Toms” speak on instructions from the “masters” to save their jobs.
I can however conclude by saying that if the genocidal crime committed in Iraq and the Middle East was remotely attributed to countries other than Britain and the USA or in particular to black African countries, the perpetrators would have long ago been hunted, captured and convicted of crimes against humanity.
But George Bush and Tony Blair are Aryans, who are at liberty to dictate the laws and regulations that govern the world. They can never go wrong although our only consolations are that they are humans subjected to the divine laws that govern us all.
I am yet to hear anyone condemn Turkey or to dawn on Ban Ki Moon to do something about what is going on there.
Why would Gambians, Africans or any genuine sovereign people take lessons from Great Britain on how to build better nations anchored on rights of humans and dignity after their xenophobic Brexit vote weeks ago? It will be comparable to a US government headed by President Donald J. Trump telling the Muslim world to take safety lessons from David Duke and his KKK organization to make the world safer.
We have seen people of color or of different religions or national origins in Great Britain and the USA being subjected to all kinds of horrible discrimination and bigotry, thanks to the internet or social media.
People like Mr. Rycroft have been creepy in this world for too long and unfortunately cannot learn from their past mistakes. The fact that he did not seek a second opinion from his Gambian counterpart at the UN before going on the attack says a lot about his condescending character and inability to gather facts and make good judgment.
But like the same attitude he had had leading to the invasion of Iraq 15 years ago which I believe should have at least disqualified him for any diplomatic responsibility or international role ever, the man is once again on the rampage against the Gambia without having his facts straight. Therefore, unchecked in his bullish charge, he could even resort to fabricating evidences to justify the destabilization of the Gambia. Such people are toxic to global peace and should therefore be the last voices to influence any decision taken by the Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon or the UN Security Council. The PRs listening to him need to know that he was among those who were working for Tony Blair when the British government together with the US government lied their way into your hearts and minds and made you co-facilitators of waging an unjustified war in Iraq, regretted by every decent human being today. I don’t even understand how any PR will take the British seriously when in a world hankering for common understanding and unity, they can’t even get along with their neighbors in Europe?
The Gambia is a peaceful beautiful country that has a government elected and loved by the people. The only problem we are facing is the country’s decision to remain genuinely independent and taking care of their own affairs. Gambians don’t celebrate being called “Toubab”. We are proud of being Africans and being black.
The few enemies of the country you are listening to are still suffering from psychological neo-colonization. They want to take the Gambia back to the old days when every department, government institution and private businesses had to have a British or foreign expert to tell the workers what to do and how. So please Mr. Rycroft, leave the Gambia alone and do a soul searching for the reparation of the destructions in this world associated with your miscalculations and bad judgments.
I am in New York, and will be very happy to meet you for further discussion over the matter. I think you are on a wrong campaign but perhaps, may not know. You need to be smarter than that!
Long live the Islamic Republic of The Gambia!
Long live the Gambian people!
Long live His Excellency Sheikh, Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh Babilli Mansa.

Samsudeen Sarr
New York City