According to the U.S State Department’s report that contained the visa sanctions on some Gambia government-workers and their families, the Islamic Republic of the Gambia, ranks number eleven (11th) on the list of countries who refuse the deportation of their nationals found guilty in the U.S courts of law and are waiting removal.
We all know that the U.S.A government’s move is always motivated by their National interest, but the million dollar question is, what interest in the world would motivate the U.S.A to target one of the smallest and most peaceful countries in the world?
While many of the Big-wigs are pointing fingers to the current war on immigration policies between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the kick-start, I would prefer to look on the side of the coin.
In my well-pondered opinion, the U.S.A has many political reasons to target the Islamic Republic of the Gambia.
It is a legitimate question to ask whether the Gambia is targeted because of her recent declaration of an Islamic State?. It is an open secret that Muslims are targeted all over the world and The Islamic Republic of the Gambia, taking such a bold decision is enough reason for any western country to pull the trigger on us. We have seen over and over, how leaders of Muslim countries were framed and humiliated in front of the whole world only to realize that not even a stiver of the truth was found after their assassination by the U.S.A or their Agents.
A former U.S Secretary of state Hendry Kisinger, once said that
” Oil is too important to be left in the hands of the Arabs”.
Knowing how far and at what cost these people are willing to go for oil, a small country like the Gambia, refusing to accept the customary five percent (5%) from the west, could be another reason for them to label us as undemocratic and incompliance with the law.
I am convinced that the United States is not happy with the way other countries like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and other Arabic countries are dominating our market. Out of jealousy, the U.S.A is capable of coming up with any form of punishment for the innocent peaceful-small Haven of the Africa, the Gambia, just to draw our attention to what lies ahead if we fail to give them a hundred percent (100%) cooperation.
The Islamic Republic of the Gambia under the leadership of His Excellency Sheikh Professor, Dr. Alh. Yahya .A.J.J Jammeh Babilimansa is the first country to have raised the alarm on the countries who have robbed and enslaved our continent, asking them to compensate all victimized-countries for the crimes they have committed against their innocent people. This is a fight that is currently gaining momentum at the front desk of the United Nations (U.N). Its is also my strong opinion that, this could be a way of trying to silent a country that many regarded as “voice of the voiceless”.
The United States’ politicians will do anything to defend the rights of gays and lesbians and the Gambia could be a potential victim of such hypocritical game of getting funds from the gay and lesbian organizations who pump millions of dollars to finance the campaigns of their lawmakers.
Many people are blaming the Freedom Newspaper Editor, Pa Nderry Mbai who wrote to the State Department long ago, filing a complaint against the Gambia government for refusing to accept the deportation of Gambians in U.S custody, but the fact of the matter is that, the U.S.A doesn’t operate based on ” he says, she says stories”. It is of course possible that Pa Nderry’s story opened the can of worms that caught the attention of most of their lawmakers but the main decision to impose the sanctions, must have something to do with their national interest.
Many people are making false claims that the decision came as a result of the lack of human rights in the Gambia, torture,killings and the like but nothing like humans rights, democracy or poor governance was mentioned in the report.
If the U.S.A is indeed the champion of democracy and human rights as they claimed, why not apply the rules to all those countries that are affected, and not just the Islamic Republic of the Gambia? In fact, I strongly believe that the Gambia government has a legitimate case to sue the U.S.A for discrimination.
While confirmed sources have revealed that most of the nearly two thousand (2000) cases are non-Gambians, most of them were released back in the streets of New York and elsewhere, making it extremely hard for anyone to track and deport them back to their countries of origin. Most of these people claiming to be Gambians are Nigerians and other African nationals who benefitted from the Jawara government Passport sales. Thousands of Gambian Passports are believed to have slipped into the hands of non-Gambians because of a corrupt system of government where every diplomat was busy filling their pockets for a solid thirty years.
The United States should stop flexing its muscles on innocent small countries like the Gambia who is playing a very pivotal role in maintaining the peace in the region and the world as a whole. They need to treat all countries regardless of size, natural resource or color with the same respect they are demanding from others if they want to earn the respect of the rest of the world.
Left to me alone, the Gambia government should accept the deportation of all criminals that have exhausted all their legal rights in court and are found guilty pending removal. This will not only prove that we have zero-tolerance for crimes, but will also send a strong signal to those people who use the Gambia’s stance on deportation to venture into risky activities.

Batch Jallow, U.S.A!